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Introduction of products

Presently, disinfectants available in the market are mainly based on chlorine series and oxygen series, and the most representative chlorine disinfectants are sodium hypochlorite and hypochlorite water, for oxygen series, they are mainly ozone, hydrogen peroxide and alcohol. Although each one has its respective advantage, yet the following situations might appear (1) Selective and incomplete sterilization, (2) pH value adjustment is needed before the use, (3) chemical toxicity residue (4) Oxidation and corrosion on the equipment (5) The release of irritating gas, (6) Product taste change and the cause of doubt on the food safety, etc.

Food Processing
Hygiene issue of Food processing

Clean Good HP

HP type is second-generation stabilized chlorine dioxide, and it is totally different than general agent type chlorine dioxide. This product has been improved for more than 28 times by R&D team of the original manufacturer before it is launched to the market. The original solution will be used directly after dilution, it is colorless and odorless; meanwhile, when it is used under universal sterilization concentration, the total viable bacterial count of the food can be reduced by 1000 times; meanwhile, no by-products such as hypochlorous acid and bromate will be generated during the reaction process, in addition, there is no disadvantages such as irritation, corrosion and chlorine residue.

This product is formed by unique recipe of inorganic bacteria-resistant molecule such as GRAS 6.5% Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide, stabilizer NaHCO₃, Na₂CO₃ and chelating agent. Within temperature range of 0℃~ 60℃, it has stable quality. In its appearance, it is yellow-greenish transparent liquid, when it is used based on the suggestion, it can kill E coli, coliform, Salmonolla, Staphylococcus aureus with fatality rate of 99.999%.

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Clean Good SP

It breaks through the sterilization rate of stabilized chlorine dioxide!The process of this product far infrared in association with TiO₂ optoelectronic excitation technology, using optical wave energy reaction, the bacteria-killing molecular group is cracked and made into fine groups to enhance the density and purity of the carried nascent oxygen. Meanwhile, the potency test has proved that SP Clean Good has higher sterilization power than general chlorine dioxide by about 30%, the concentration in general use was 150ppm~250ppm, after use, there was no chlorine series disinfection by-product residue, therefore, it is applicable to the processing, cleaning and sterilization process of fresh and ready-to-eat agricultural or seafood.

In the water, it will release active oxygen sterilization molecule, and it will enter directly the microbe cell to react with amino acid. Its effect will not be affected by pH value, ion and hardness, after reaction, the bacteria inhibition power can be maintained for 12 hours ~ 36 hours; meanwhile, the final residual substance of this product are water, NaCl, water and trace amount of HClO₂.

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Clean Good HC

First stabilized and the highest concentration chlorine dioxide technology in the industry, which is applicable to large scale vegetables cutting and packing center, livestock slaughterhouse and aquatic product processing; it can satisfy (1) effective control of the pollution index, (2) extension of the period after opening of the product, (3) stable handling of water quality, (4) no increase of wastewater release and treatment cost (5) food processing need such as the regulation of disinfectant cost, therefore, it is new generation market orientation product.

This product contains highly concentrated chlorine dioxide sterilization molecule, with major composition purity of at least 15%. Accompanied with quantified medicine adding system, it can be applied in the processing line sterilization, therefore, the marginal effect of sterilization application can be fully exploited; in the usage and release aspect, it can take care of wastewater BOD treatment, therefore, it is ideal sterilizing agent for food plant of large scale circulated water usage.

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Cleanser and Detergents
Cleanser and Detergents for food use

In the cleaning operation of the food plant, acid and alkaline detergent are commonly used, however, it could lead to the damage of the equipment, or the toxicity and irritation issues, therefore, the cleaning purpose cannot be achieved effectively, however, for general soap detergent product, it could only generate large amount of bubbles but does not have oil removing effect, instead, it could lead to waste of water, electricity and labor cost.

KSPOT plus

KSPOT plus does not have alkaline or acid added, instead, it uses the excellent emulsification power of non-ionic surfactant to make fast wetting and penetration and decomposition of the oil stain and fat, therefore, it can clean effectively the dirt in the surface and dead corner of food machinery. The major composition of this product is of straight chain aliphatic alcohol. It contains natural palm oil, therefore, it is neutral, mild and does not have corrosion and irritation. It does not contain environment hormones “Nonyl Phenol”, its biodegradability is as high as 80%. Meanwhile, it is non-ionic surfactant, and it is the only cleaning agent that does not have its cleaning effect affected by the hardness of water quality, therefore, it is cleaning agent of the same grade as the Green mark of EPA award.

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